Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Crossed and closed, connected, keeping tight myself,
I hold my arms, imprison heart, refuse to then release,
so self can be protected, armed against all pain, and we
are disconnected; you've gone, your arms deceived.

I huddled into your embrace, believed that it was true,
and yet the moments did not last, nothing held, endured,
and so I arm myself against, the pain of love and trust,
this weapon now will keep me safe, for you are surely lost.


  1. once embraced, now empty arms, crossed and closed arms, finally armed against other arms.... sad but too often true. Nice use of the theme.

  2. Extensive use of that 'arm' word in your fab poem. Nice work.

  3. Beautiful, Roslyn. Love your ending lines.

  4. I wonder how many people go around thus armed. A fair few I imagine. I like the first three lines, which describe so well the reaction of someone hurt, so that I can feel the speaker's emotions.