Monday, February 3, 2014


Hope slung in morbid heaviness upon time's shoulders,
the substance of the future, queer, unrecognised,
so mind could pack within the trunk of possibilities;
that reason, like an elephant could carry light.

Fireflies as thoughts did gather round flame ribbons,
as luggage sat upon the porch of distant past,
and moon, transformed from sliver to full crescent;
signalled change in cascade incandescent.

The goddess gathered up long lines of all maternal,
mother, grandmother and all who went before,
their voices thrumming through the heart of daughter;
child-like she wrestled, drawn to be the fool.

Smell of dampened lawn in green, wild depressing,
odours redolent and herbal, oranges, persimmon,
did crown the hollow hours like floral, rich patchouli;
hanging, dangling, taunting on the marriage hem.

Formidable the mothers cried in ancient unison,
the rhyme of reason typing history's words,
to weave intent,  a rope which tied her to them;
so did she jump and skip as rain washed hurts.

slung, heaviness, substance - Misky
elephant, trunk, queer - Robyn
fireflies, ribbons, porch - Annell
sliver, full, crescent - Yousei
cascade, grandmother, incandescent - Irene
thrumming, child-like, fool - Elizabeth
green, smell, tinkling - Marian
patchouli, wild, herbal - Debi
persimmon, crown, hem - Nicole
formidable, typing, rhyme - Jules
rope, rain, jump - Hannah


  1. I like the matrilineal intent.

  2. I am very impressed! Nice ending line, 'rain washed hurts.'

  3. I'm also taken with that ending. Gorgeous!

  4. Your tone of deep respect and your vivid and creative phraseology had me envisioning women of all sizes, shapes, and ages, moving in flowing gowns through an ancient stone temple.


  5. "marriage hem" is a neat turn.
    Bet you could build a collection around that concept

  6. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the comments.

  7. Ah, if the elders are not careful, they can impart a heaviness to the younger -- at least, that's what I see in this poem. We can only advise and guide as adults, but ultimately the path is theirs to find, or even hew themselves into the earth. Your words have a certain weight to them, and I love how you always seem to use them well from these Wordles.