Sunday, February 2, 2014


Conflict is pregnant with possibility
because it is the place of destruction,
and with the end of something,
from the shattered remnants and
scattered remains, can be born
something new; can the old be
transformed and re-birth be
brought from death into life.

This is Pluto's realm and playing
field, that place where all that was
is brought to nothing, or at least
not what it was or would ever be
again. Where fires rage and
consume and the god hurls brutal
bolts, to ravage and lay waste;
embers breathe in black hope.


  1. Black hope and rebirth: an very powerful combination.

  2. An interesting question in the first para-wish the answer was hopeful but with Pluto wreaking havoc,black hope is the only thing left-sigh!Powerful writing Roslyn:-)