Monday, February 17, 2014

Mind in the material

Soul wept tears of blood as life drained slow,
the instrument of love did tear the flesh so deep,
as if the stars had written silent codes, destiny
determined, the aim to surely, slowly teach,
those secrets which the Self could find as gifts
in pain; that fortune found in suffering where
angels do ignore grief's petition, and heart's
needs, where innocence must weep in silence,
no matter how much justice thundered, or
integrity was subdued by the fickle hands
of fate, devoid of heart and compassion, no
solace to be found, torment branded deep
in bone, as hope lost breath and trust did
shiver, hurt was cracking sternum, opening up
the cavity, that memory could fall with black,
singed plumes and spirit pushed at the edge
of brittle shell, like nautilus, yearning for release,
and the afterlife, where the past, like rust had
crystallized, decayed and dark, and future
held horizon, shining, watered, that hidden delta
of possibility, as the watching god in fecund pose,
held tightly closed the aperture which led to paradise:
so was the mind entwined in this material world.

blood, life, soul
Annell: instrument, tear, flesh
Misky: code, written, aim
Jules Paige: secrets, fortune, gift
Marian: petition, needs, innocence
Elizabeth: silence, thundered, subdued
Benjamin (Poetry Shack): fickle, heart, branded
Grace: bone, breath, shiver
Nicole: sternum, afterlife, nautilus
Hannah: plumes, crystallized, rust
Irene: delta, fecund, god
Ms. Pie: aperture, paradise, entwined


  1. that last line awakens one to rethink the material items bringing the soul to weep those tears of blood

    1. I was trying to convey the sense of our spiritual selves trapped in matter.

  2. That's my problem... material is reality, immaterial unseen. The tension between is so hard to reconcile sometimes. Great job with your words.

    1. It is everyone's problem Debi. Thanks for your words.

  3. Beautifully woven, intense with emotion, and it flows in a soft chanting,


  4. I am impressed for two reasons: 1) your ability to use all of the words so perfectly, and 2) how this poem barrels along as one long sentence, throwing image after image to the reader, until one comes to the final end. And What an ends it is...disappointment in the realization that we are trapped in this material world, or so we think.

    1. In that synchronistic way of things the words 'sang' of where I was at in my life and how I was feeling about it.

  5. A very densely worded poem, it needed reading several times. I am full of admiration at your wordling skill.