Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life sacrificed

Life sacrificed before the breath is made or could be heard,
an offering to angels and to futures never known,
where what the fates have given cannot be held and shown;
silence writes in memory and dreams, there are no words.

This moment of imagining, material made manifest in form,
as gift bequeathed to woman, creation then has claimed
and brought itself to being, this soul who won't be named;
so does the cycle turn, begin and end, with nothing born.

Yet, in that instant of conception, that pure connection,
is something brought to birth in worlds beyond this one,
soul surely seeded into flesh and mind, and so begun;
in ways we cannot understand, a hidden, lost perfection?

There are things beyond this earth and universe, this place,
there are truths far deeper than  we can ever see,
meaning, purpose, reason that will always stand and be;
cosmos writes its story through us, revealing endless grace.


  1. This is stirring, and beautiful, and unerringly true in concept: there does seem to be a 4th dimension.

  2. That's both beautiful and soul shaking...... Yes, "lost perfection" is about the only way to sum up such intense emotion that belies any words or language... It is the language spoken by heaven and heart....... The loss of something so tender and created in the image of all that glorifies life itself is so incredibly rendering and about the toughest thing I can think of. Very, very emotional poetry....... Good writing......

  3. The way there are always something beyond our imagination.. like a horizon of what's unknown ever expanding... wonderful thought

  4. Your poem is a reminder of all that we do not know, all that is unknown and beyond the earth and universe. Well penned.

  5. Thanks everyone. I wrote it after a conversation about abortion on the basis that it is one thing to have an opinion, another to experience and yet another to just think about it outside the box.

  6. Oh,this was really moving Roslyn,specially when I thought about all the lives that are sacrificed here in India 'cos a girl child is mostly not desired-it is so sad that women themselves kill their daughters or do not protest...

    1. Yes, I lived in Bombay for more than four years and know well the plight of the female in India.