Friday, February 7, 2014

Song of life

Bell of midnight sounded deep,
the fears fled underground,
a coin was placed upon the eye;
the moment fractured now.

Illusory became this world,
yet stars like topaz shone,
angel voice in lilting tones;
feathered like a swan.

Dreams did ebb in misty throng,
the moon birthed inner force,
electricity in nightmares;
to give the soul it's course.

Scales of doubt were lifting,
fluttering through pain,
kindling fires to burn within;
signals of hope's gain.

Goddesses in lapiz robes,
trod lithe and light beside,
to lift the haze eternal;
let Spirit fame deride.

Thoughts baroque did linger,
mis-shapen and profound,
the lyricism of the mind;
time spread on fallow ground.

The fire in roaring leaping,
did burn in closet heart,
alchemical the breath of words;
the joke of life made art.

As soul held steady brush,
with water to dilute,
the demons drew pedantic;
so death was resolute.

Upon the shelf Akashic,
stood memories in rows,
the boatman ever waiting;
eternal path full known.

This was written as a poem but works as a song I think.


  1. absolutely...the gentle rhythm and great word choice make this an ideal poem to make a song out this.

  2. works very well .. a nice ballad ... that's definitely a lyrical way of doing it.

  3. Beautiful ballad, classic form, only waiting for its melody. Lovely, and an excellent write.