Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thoughts on feelings

Feelings do not fit into the shape of words,
for their form is not so easily compressed,
and they demand, in the very nature of their being,
to be heard and seen exactly as they are,
and in the doing, are honoured as expressions,
of the best and worst of all that we may be.

It's hard sometimes to say what you feel,
to put it all into words.
it's hard sometimes to know what you feel-
and then words are often irrelevant.
feelings have their own language
but we are not really comfortable
with the way they speak.
we find them coarse and crude
and not at all the sort that one admits
to having as an acquaintance-
let alone a friend.
it's a pity really because when you come down to it,
feelings are probably
the only true friends we have.
Who else will tell you exactly
who and what you are?
Who else has the courage to say you are wrong,
change yourself?
Who else has the strength to praise and curse
and comfort you?
In the same breath.
If we listened to our feelings more often
we might learn some respect for them
and in the process,
learn to really like ourselves.
After all, a friend is someone who knows
your faults and likes you anyway.
There's no way you can hide yourself
from your feelings. They know the worst
because they are the worst.
But if you let them they will like you anyway,
because they are also the best that you are.


  1. Words are straight arrows
    it is the interpretation of the flight -
    by the sender and receiver that create variations of meaning - Nicely done.

    Thanks for your visit.

  2. I like reading the short version first then the long. I can tell then whether the meaning still comes through. I think the short version is really good.