Sunday, August 25, 2013

Henry and Adele

Henry and Adele by Judith Clay

Image: Henry and Adele by Judith Clay.

Moon sighed in sorrowed silence,
adrift on deepening shades,
where doves lament the passing;
and lilting notes are made.

Fluted furrowed feelings rose,
blown through tears of grace,
twixt rivered wash of grievings;
the lilt of love debased.

Mellifluous the music wound,
as watered realms did wind,
and Henry dreamt into the night;
Adele long lost in time.


  1. really an enchanting cadence to this ros....its comforting...nice allit there a few times as well....nice use of mellifluous as well...a cool word you do not hear so often...smiles.

  2. this has such a comforting rhythm to it - almost like a song itself

  3. Just gorgeous, love the lyrical quality to it!

  4. this sings so beautifully! Gorgeous!

  5. This poetry sings. and I love those alliterations in this little sad piece of poor lonely Henry

  6. Agree on the alliteration. It makes this piece flow nicely and tells a mirthful tale! Enjoyed this.

  7. The melody of the poem suits Henry's mood and allows us into his heart..especially I like 'twixt rivered wash of grievings".