Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Like and love

I don't like you,
and I wish I did,
because it would
be easier, and I
would feel less
guilty because
the should word
is in there. And
yet I know that
there are people
in our lives whom
we will always
love, but sometimes,
perhaps for short
or long times, we
do not like them
because of who
they have become
and because of
what they do, and,
really, that is okay,
and Love has more
than enough wriggle
room to cope with
that for as long
as it may last. I
just wish I believed
myself more than
I do, or can, or will,
so that the guilt
would go away.
But perhaps that
is the reason for guilt,
the push to remember
that even in the absence
of Like, we can always
choose to Love.

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