Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am

I am just this and more than this
and much, much else besides.
I am the sum of all my parts;
the total me resides.
And yet I offer bits of me
when to the world I turn
and show mere shadow of my soul
when others seek to learn.
In truth this separation comes
without I bid it so -
I am divided, handed out,
that no-one else may know.
It's only in that silent place
with love's bright, mirrored walls
that I can find my real self;
totality clear calls.
And then I see, reflected clear,
the story which has grown
to be the full, God-given me,
her face so rarely shown.
I wish that I could take you there
that you may truly see
and know your own reflection
lives within the core of me.

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