Saturday, August 10, 2013


There was within the dreams surrendered falling,
A going down to depths of darkened being
And in the slide toward hell’s beating heart,
There was on either side, bright, mirrored calling.

It cannot be explained, nor offered out in words
For sundered realms of truth are given here
And all that one can know is soon forgotten
And songs once sung in joy, no longer heard.

I would not speak of all that has been offered,
I cannot paint the pictures that would show
The truth of worlds beyond and all their riches
That lie beneath the black earth, duly softened.

It is on angels wings and arms we journey
And with the Gods we find our way to know,
The full allotment of our sacred being,
The sacred seed with which our lives are sown.


  1. Just beautiful. And that last line sums it all up in perfect alliteration.

  2. I found this an interesting and fairly deep philosophical poem. Beautiful language exploring the unknowns of death and its journey.
    As to the rhythm it is fairly regular pentameter (I think the first line of the second stanza is hexameter). Nice use of interspersed anapests and unusual use of rhyme, not as a scheme but as it falls to accentuate the sounds and alliteration used throughout. Rhyme wasn't called for in this exercise but everyone but one person employed it. You managed all the poetic elements beautifully.

  3. It is illuminating to see how this metre can make a poem more sonorous.