Friday, March 6, 2015

Oceanic heavens

Through oceanic distances,
where clouds shrugged
hollow sails, to drift on
wave-soaked winds, as

sky birthed currents brave;
so did the heavens open,
touch sandy edge of time,
wash swirling froth eternal,

carve coasts from cosmic
stage; and in the doing,
open, the way  to reach the
stars, as sun in glittered

surfing, rode cosmic seas
portrayed in ancient, mystic
searching, where angels
danced and played, and

where the senses revelled,
in dreams and fantasies,
of worlds beyond our reach,
of skies which help us dream.

Surprising conceit


  1. Such a sparkling dazzle of a beach day here, so full of the sense that heaven is here. What a surprise, to look down into the waters and see paradise! What joy! Finely crafted; what it images is such an inticement to dream.

  2. I admire the cosmic creations, the birthing of imaginative world ~

  3. This flows like waves upon an ocean.. I like the merging of the space and seas.

  4. This is right up my alley as the ocean is everything to me. Lovely

  5. beautiful imagery in this. I live far from any ocean, but whenever I have had the chance to see the ocean, I am swept away by its wild beauty.

  6. A mythic tone creates a dreaming world within the reader's mind. Your diction excites and the ebb and flow delivers. An imaginarium I'm happy to visit!

  7. This made me think of how the sea calls to our adventurous spirit, and perhaps the heavens call to tomorrows boldest explorers

  8. Oh how wonderful this is. I love the ocean and don't get to go as often as I like. But this poem just has all of it - the rhythm is like watching the waves, the sun, the mystery and the eternal "cosmic creation". I would call this beautiful conceit. Well done. Also, Hayes Spencer is the google sign in for Kanzensakura.

  9. Yum! I'd love to visit too.
    Anna :o]