Wednesday, March 11, 2015


They waited, those words,
hesitant, in the shadows
of life and mind, holding
back, timid, fearful of

what they might find if
they allowed themselves
voice, if they revealed
the truth inherent in

their being;wrapped in
tidy packets of meaning,
tied with threads of my
pain, twisted into small

bows of hope, and quiet
desperation; languishing
silence born of deep and
brutal terror, that if they

were released, tossed
like broken birds into
the air, they would in
an instant fall to their

deaths, and my love
would then lie forever,
gasping in feathered,
tangled destruction.


  1. I hope your love flies strong and true and soars as your words

  2. like broken birds....such a vivid and sad image for this. a thoughtful write... aka Kanzensakura

  3. ah, that's what's needed... let them soar... some of hold on to the bad so tightly, it starts to eat away at our insides.. beautiful write

  4. It's all about those words. Wonderful write.

  5. We have to let them out, caged and broken - let them soar instead..