Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Evil is live spelled backwards,
that place where circumstance
is not productive, nor sourced
in a place of positive creation,

but trapped, in that which is
not conducive to optimal and
healthy growth, of soul, self,
life and being, whether  it is

for the individual, the nation,
or the world itself, and so we
must remember that the worst
is no more than the best, which

is not realised, and shadows
can be dismissed when the
light of love and reason is
turned toward the darkness.


The dead have silent teeth and empty throats,
they have no voice with which to speak, to cry
of all the horrors they have seen and been and
known; to call for justice, freedom from the

power of those who kill to claim what is not
theirs, the land of others, who suffocate children
in waves of dust and shredded metal moments,
where blood and tears and destiny are driven

deep into the waiting earth; dressing broken
fragments of their lives, their souls, their
hearts, that costuming of evil which war does
primp and posture into place, for those who

are the victims, for those who cannot speak,
and for whom the only hope can be for others,
that their throats are not empty, their teeth
are not silent, their words are not crushed

beneath the boot of evil and injustice and
military might, and that in the darkened
quietness of this awful, suppurating wound,
their only hope is that the voices of the living

will be speaking out for those who lie strewn,
fleshed like scattered crops, in that harvest
which bleeds and grieves and slowly seeds
the fields of future justice in aching Palestine.


  1. May the voices never be quiet.. the oppression silencing, the knives, the unwillingness to listen.. whatever did the children do, so many things are good in the world, why not try to solve the few that remain...

  2. I agree with you on the voices of the living, not only to speak for the dead ones, but to give the lives of our children's children with a brighter legacy ~

  3. Your writing is flawless in sending across an image of horror and a message of how important it is to raise our voices for those who can't speak.

  4. You say what must be said beautifully. We the living are the voice and we can be the voice of peace. Lovely writing.

  5. Beautiful and powerful. We must be the voice for the voiceless. I truly believe one day, our voices of love will over the voices of evil.

  6. Such a powerful poem. Makes me think oft he quote by Benjamin Creme - there can be no peace without social justice. A really powerful write.

  7. Very strong poem - our only hope are those voices

  8. yes, we must speak for those who no longer can. Powerful write!

  9. Very insightful - I have been wondering for last few days, what would Avijit have to say after the attack - he always tried to write and encourage people to see things rationally.

    Thank you for joining my prompt.

  10. Yes.. so important that the abused dead live on in the alive of those who survive the challenges and hells of life..:)

  11. The voices of the living and dead... Never supressed! Excellent lines.