Wednesday, March 11, 2015


When grief moved in some years ago,
I observed it, watching me, for quite
some time, and only saw it disappear
in sleep, when mind surrendered to

oblivion, or, at least, to a world where
pain did not seem so ever-present, but
as the years passed, it began to seem
that I had changed, as if grieving had

stripped my shape and flayed the skin
of Self, to make a second me, not
quite who I was, more of a copy
which looked the same, and yet was

not, but doppelganger, something
made in my image, that stood by
my side; shadowy twin living
its own life, sometimes merging

into my being, but still remaining
separate, although I could feel it as
both stranger and as friend, for it
was never all I knew myself to be,

and it seemed out of place and yet so
eerily familiar, as if it was some lost
entity, trying to find a place to rest,
where it could not then, be disturbed.


  1. Grief is an unwelcome companion forced on to all of us at sometime in our lives.

  2. You have described grief so very out of place and yet so familiar, both stranger and friend. The title 'doppleganger' is absolutely perfect.

  3. Wow! This is breathtaking in how accurately and beautifully it hits the mark. You must be well acquainted to be able to depict this so on target. For that, I'm sorry, but to know someone else can put words to what it is like...that is a gift and I thank you.

  4. to have known grief like that, one must have loved greatly

  5. Such a sensitive portrayal of a personal coming to grips with the permanent effects of loss. Beautifully expressed.

  6. Grief is the unwelcome companion to love.. maybe one of the biggest risks of falling in love.. a very keen observation.

  7. Nice that we forget grief when asleep! Hope we can do so when awake...

  8. Ah yes.. when the i of I makes i's presence known to I.. the spirit can flow in exclamation point !.. to make a trinity of i and I and !1..:)

  9. Grief however sorrowful is always a catalyst, an eye opener. It gets one prepared for eventualities in future and helps reduce the impact! Great lines Roslyn!


  10. A breathtaking depiction of grief....the dark side of happiness, the stranger yet familiar....two sides to everything. Coming to grips with grief is so very hard and takes a lot out of one. this poem struck a deep chord with me. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  11. Such a deep and soulful write - I could connect to my grief with your piece.