Sunday, June 22, 2014

You sigh too much

You sigh too much, he said,
why do you do that?
Sigh. How could I say that my
soul sighed, that my heart
released held breath because,
of what it knew and could
not say, that with each sigh,
the sadness was expelled,
just for that one brief
moment,  sigh, until life drew
back in again, the grief he
had ushered into my mind, sigh,
and which pulsated through
my veins, like blood, over-
salted, and sometimes bitter,
lingering in the mouth,  sigh,
clinging to the tongue,  sigh,
washing teeth, set, resolute
sigh, and ready;because there
was nothing, sigh, that
I could do to change what
was, or who he had become.
And so I sighed. Too much.

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