Wednesday, June 25, 2014

To ripen soul

Tears are washing, sloughing memory, drawing blinds on swollen eyes,

cleansing the defective, rubbing omen stains through hours that ring

hollow in the emptied shell, that waste of love which life was steering;

the bitter fruit is silent, riddled with soft rot as heart's decay now lies.

Mind believed that soul stood by and spirit-filled they would be drawn,

no logic to it, no sure reason to defend when suddenly fear called,

how silly was that favourite word, so fondly said, so often - Sewanee;

pain like shell in ancient sandstone, flaked as useless,  crumbling walls.

The tree of life had grown, and gathered solid, perfect rings to hold

his image, but now, no more than mirage and nothing left but muted scent,

and the notch, he had carved, inside her heart which trust did once applaud;

how sodden all the words once said, how muddled and how cold.

Like touts, deceptive dreams did crowd around her natural, open self,

infatuation's eyes bright as shining lapiz lazuli, to tell a story captivating,

which then did transplant into waiting arms, a fantasy of what could be;

so were the stories of their love made library, arrayed upon the shelf.

So casually he crept into her world, as someone set upon such fruitful scams,

which clarity, if found would just deny, demanding shadows, darkest dusk  today,

in movements turtle slow, and barely seen, when what felt like an age had barely been;

so is it that hope can ham it up, sustains, and even as it does in time, so damns.

Regret then wrapped, in woollen shawl around her shouldered, chilling night,

rough, prickling, rubbing raw against the tender palms which had been bared,

and sorrow flowing slowly, sweet and tannin-filled, like steaming tea to please;

so was her self then vanquished, broken,  that soul might one day soon be ripe.


  1. " steaming tea to please"...we bear so's good to think of the process of enduring difficulties and disappointments as the slow blending or conditioning of our souls...lending to healing and growth and finally understanding and accepting it all as part of a feather comforter...yet hope as you say can sustain or damn us...something I had not thought of in that way before...

  2. "so was her self then vanquished, broken, that soul might one day soon be ripe." really though-provoking line.

  3. such suffering here.... I hope ripe in a good sense that wisdom and grace were the result.

  4. Wounding, scarring, ripening - interesting use of metaphors here. Some lines which really jumped out at me with their vivid imagery, their immediacy: rubbing omen stains through hours that ring hollow, so were the stories of their love made library (that's my favourite), sorrow flowing slowly, sweet and tannin-filled.
    Mind you, I was told in a poetry workshop that we should never use directly words such as heart and soul in poems... but I struggle to see how else you could have conveyed all that.