Thursday, June 12, 2014


Rejection comes
through no just cause,
so why does it bring
shame, that sense
of having done
some wrong, when
it can have no truth
or  any valid source?
Because each cell
holds older prints,
experience writ
deep, pre-verbal,
registered and known,
the inner child does
sleep, until events
do echo, that pain
of long ago - resonate,
and complicate, the
past, is ever shown.


  1. i am rejected by enough people every day...
    the pain becomes the norm and you just keep moving...
    you will find those that care.

  2. Thanks Brian. I have had an interesting time in recent years where rejection has occurred for no just cause and I never say that lightly, but it has involved rejection for others as well, often, and not just me - if it were just me then beyond looking very hard and long at myself which I do anyway, I would have to accept that I was doing something wrong.

    But I think what I have realised is that 'rejection' circumstances arise because I am an uncomfortable element in many worlds - I say what I think and feel as honestly and as courteously as possible and I am often intuitive and too close for comfort and for many, that is overpowering.

    I never have a problem with people who are similar but then I guess that fits the Like Attracts Like Scenario and I enjoy honesty, straight-talking and frankness - I find it makes life simpler - and I rejoice in the people I have in my life like that.

    I also find that age and circumstance play a part with many people and that sometimes the universe 'mirrors' things so we can learn. Always a journey.

    I am reminded always of Cassandra in myth.....