Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gods of thought

Gods of thought did trample on mere feeling,
demand that they be honoured and embraced,
as arbiters of all this world conveyed;
so science rose to hold the upper place.

Flags of logic, rationale and cerebral did fly,
as heart and intuition watched with grace,
knowing that the pyre of ego had been lit;
and conflagration would consume apace.

But without senses holding equal ground,
the flames could not be felt or even seen,
and steady did the embers so inflate;
in silence, secret winds were brutal keen.

Imprisoned in the castle they called reason,
with battlements empirical and proud,
divorced from that dismissed as metaphysical;
so were the coals, destruction, so endowed.

For only in the waters of pure consciousness,
can things be understood or ever known,
and where the mind is set apart from matter,
so death will be by life, in time bestowed. 

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