Monday, December 9, 2013

Love is constant

Love is constant and hurts cannot corrode the substance,
nor rust or rot, at edges, chiselled fine by years,
diminishing the foundation which heart and fate has laid;
for loving others is a power beyond mere mortal fears.

The cuts and wounds of anger cannot reduce this strength,
enduring as it does through endless, reaching pain,
to last as pure foundation, meaningful and brightly held;
connecting always, soul and mind, until it is regained.

So do not fear when doubt and rage do chasten love,
for all the deep, slow bleeding of relationship,
will never drain the grace which it does bring to us;
and it will full endure, the worst that life can bring.


  1. love conquers all...surely...
    but then again it would be a better world if everyone lived it and just did not talk about it...but those few that truly give us relationship...they will last...and those i will depend upon...

  2. Can get one through all the crap

  3. There are often ups and downs in love, I think. But true love endures despite anything which would strive to bring down. Yes, grace is the word that describes love that stays!

  4. This is such a beautiful write and a beautiful message of hope--

    1. Thanks Mary and thanks to everyone who posted.

  5. Oh the beauty and depth of love will hopefully conquer all...stunning write filled with hope. Thanks for writing this! :)

  6. yep... real love cannot be shaken easily...there's s a powerful resistant quality to it...

  7. This is a lovely poem and i vry much enjoyed it. I found it somewhat reminiscent of a poem I posted today on my blog. i don't normally do this but here is the link to my poem: