Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Sadness settled, whispered clear, beheld the moment born,
as heart did speak like timid bird through shrubberies of fear,
and mind with kindness, cautioned soul to listen;
those words which sorrow uttered, and reason now must hear.

Regret and grief shared shadowed cloak against the pain,
and called for time to reckon sudden, breathless halt,
that feelings could be called to new, unknown account;
a process of surrender, acceptance of dark fault.

There are those times when scars are yet again revealed,
and pulse with senses, long forgotten, and yet raw,
which trips and upsets balance, bares tender flesh;
common sense is swallowed in hurt's unforgiving maw.

We stumble then through hidden fields of  buried grief,
pressing through the dense and broken chaff of thought,
wanting only to leave behind such frozen brutal sods;
called to grow through what our life has taught.

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