Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The maid

When you have nine sons
And your husband is dead,
So many years ago
Murdered by bandits,
There is much that you need.
And you are the one
Who must find it.
And so it is for Sao
And it shows,
In her eyes, that
Determination and
Quickness of mind
That has allowed her
And her nine sons,
To survive.
Today she asked for help.
It was money that she wanted,
To buy a house,
For now
She must rent.
But I could not give it to her
And I said so. And I also said,
There are many others
Who work here. Not only you.
There is Rosario
And all of the guards,
There are eight guards
That are rostered here,
On and off,
And everyone has problems;
And everyone needs a house.
I cannot give to you
What I do not give to others.
It all sounded so reasonable,
But, as I walked away
From the glittering of her eyes,
I carried with me, that tear-
Stained grief, and a sense
Of failure that could not be eased.

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