Sunday, June 16, 2013


There is that moment as the day begins,
when consciousness is gathered and restored,
and vision flutters in awakened startle,
and sound begins to resonate the ear.
As time re-constitutes awareness and reveals,
a way of seeing further than night's eye,
through sudden shining draping of the dawn;
the worlds are thus revealed; the inner guide.
The images material are then drawn, to shake
the shadowed shreds of darkening dreams ,
and craft the woken world in stark relief,
as nothing birthed is what it once did seem.
Upon the rim where night and day do meet,
we move with timid and instinctive steps,
as mind recovers and remembers past;
collates, creates, combines and then collects.
This gathering of then and now is drawn,
and brings to being patterns which will stand,
embroidered on the loom of broken thought;
the threads are woven as eternal plan. 

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