Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why does caring have to hurt?

It is in the connection
 of caring that we see,
our very hearts are opened wide,
 laid bare, so tenderly.
When circumstance divides,
and brings rejection clear,
then heart in quivered helplessness
will see it's soul revealed.
Without the skin of loving,
when anger rules the day,
the beating source of life
will feel the deepest pain.


  1. I've often thought of love as open heart surgery, the heart exposed and still beating.

    1. I do like that - yes, love as open heart surgery.

  2. very real....we do open ourselves to that pain when we give a bit of our heart away...its the risk of love...for the greatest reward we can have the greatest pain...smiles...

  3. Ahh yes, the risk we take when it comes to love. Love is something we should never regret even when it comes to a bitter end :)

  4. If we didn't feel it, we wouldn't really mean it...

  5. Hello, when you feel the pain of heartbreak you will know the power of is a journey..nice write you were able to convey the pain.

  6. The heart so felt , Chris