Monday, February 18, 2013

Through children's eyes

The image sure is riven
upon the childish mind,
where glance and demonstration,
mean more than any word.
The lessons are not spoken,
the learning is not known,
and yet you teach the child
through what your actions show.
The saying will be meaningless
when doing does reveal,
the words are hypocritical;
and don't speak what you feel.
Like sponges they absorb,
take in, all that they can see,
and feel, and sense, and hear;
the mix makes message clear.
Your thoughts will reach them,
as will fears; unspoken matters not,
for all you are and all you do
will have its own true cost.
If truth is honoured in your life,
integrity is held,

then any pain, or any grief
cannot distort their world.

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