Friday, February 22, 2013


Graffitti is a message written on a public space in the hope that others will read it and perhaps remember, possibly learn, but at least accept the sharing. This is what I would like to say...............

Sometimes when life is painful thinking about others who are worse off just makes you feel worse - my 12 year old son first told me that.

 Sometimes when life is painful believing it is a lesson you have chosen in this life just makes you feel worse. I learned that myself.

Sometimes when life is painful all the spiritual mantras ring hollow and make you want to vomit.

Sometimes when life is painful all you can do is feel the pain and wait for it to pass knowing it will and 'shit happens' and loving people means you will hurt sometime or another and there is really nothing you can do about it.

Sometimes when life is painful, after you have felt the feelings - never drink on a full heart - the only comfort is God's gift of a stiff gin or large glass of wine at the end of the day.  Or maybe two stiff gins or three glasses of wine!

Today I am asking you to consider graffiti as a subject, to write a poem influenced by the aesthetic or purposes of graffiti,


  1. is a release, as in your verse of what you are carrying...and shit does happen, and people will hurt you that you never expected...but you cant let that jack you up....

    1. No you can't Brian. All you can do is feel what needs to be felt and learn as much as you can from the experience.

  2. There are some things that simply must be let out, no matter how messy and inconvenient that might be.

  3. it feels good to put it on paper..or a wall...healthy to unload sometimes...and what you say is so true..

  4. Wise words - whether there is someone worse off than we are does not make a difference at the time of hurting. And we will hurt others - it is never my intention to do so but I am certain I have.

    All life is based on experience - good or bad - and we can learn from it - but often make the same mistakes again - for that is who we are - humans, and as such are frail.

    Anna :o]

  5. Repression can be dangerous and the many ways we try to avoid or eschew pain can bring their own forms of pain. A very interesting take on the prompt.