Sunday, February 24, 2013

Madonna and child

Madonna and Child (an unfinished touch)The gift of life is gathered,
in sinew and in cell,
as woman brings to being,
a child, a soul, a self.
The mother carries in her heart,
the memory of days,
when whispered sure creation
weaves mortal truth again.


  1. ...hi Roslyn... glad you could join us today... and wow... finally someone picked that art up... i just love the lines about the mother carrying all the memories in her heart... it simply touched... love & dedication is really visible in your short, sweet piece... enjoyed it... smiles...

  2. i often wondered how it must have been for her...frightening in a way for sure but also the knowing and the magic.. and for us as well...i have three kids...always was in awe about the new life growing in me...a breeze of eternity amidst mortality..

    1. I see the Madonna image as metaphor and symbolic of all mothers since I don't believe in a literal Madonna and since the image and story of the Madonna and Child has been with humanity from the very beginning and long before Christianity took it up.

  3. yes, a metaphor for humanity ..I like that and your poem..

  4. creation weaves mortal truth again...interesting lines...birth and new spring...give hope...a marvel as well in how the life comes verse...

  5. Enjoyed this. Yes, a mother always remembers those days in her heart. I think you caught the heart and soul of this work!

  6. I specially like the opening lines...the gift of life is precious ~

  7. Very tender and subtle allusions to the Madonna and Child. Beautiful!

  8. I really enjoyed this piece this picture spoke to me as well. There is something so special about life and the love.

  9. Beautiful lines to accompany a beautiful image.

  10. it is a great image and your poem has the same universal feel.