Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First kiss

In shocking damp invasion
his mouth had found my own,
and only could be rectified
with water and the soap.
The dance was long forgotten,
the tongue would never be,
as desperate later lathering,
scoured long at memory.

How’s your memory? A little saucy or ribald? Perhaps more shy, delicate, even tentative? Your “first kiss”, not your memory! Such was this week’s light spirited valentine poem prompt – describe your first kiss.


  1. Oh, my. Your take on the promt a completet surprise and brings back memories of my own. The yucky ones. Too bad it had to be your first First Kiss.

    1. The good thing Judy is it was the first and the worst and things improved dramatically from that point!

  2. I can't remember my first first so this made me smile!! Thank you Ross for sharing!! :)

  3. szmile indeed.....nice one and thanks for sharing