Thursday, July 9, 2015


The cross of caring can be light,
when order holds the day,
and yet be crushing, in the night,
of bitterness and rage.

We care and that means loving,
we hold, we reach, connect,
and so are bound eternally;
until someone rejects.

In times of cruel abandonment,
for reasons hardly known,
it's love which crucifies us,
with feelings brutal nails.

The curse within a precious gift,
means hurt does hold the hand,
of joy in all relationships;
and both together stand.

Remembering in deepest pain,
that just a step away,
waits reconciliation's glue;
the broken, then re-made.


  1. lack of warmth, love, bitterness, pain may remind one of night which is all but dark...but just like the dawn there's "the broken, then re-made" is only "a step away"....
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  2. So true - within all relationships there is hurt as well as joy. Your last stanza is a hopeful one, showing reconciliation is always possible.

  3. Agreed with Mary, the last stanza holds the hope that all is not lost and that reconciliation is just a few steps away.. Beautifully penned :D

  4. The cross of caring can be light - excellent first line really makes your words work with the pain and hurt.

  5. A beautiful ballad.. love how you have worked with the opposites.. it really paint a picture that is more complete...

  6. Light and dark, joy and pain.....I was glad to hear the hope of reconciliation in the closing lines. I really enjoyed the rhythm and meter of this poem.

  7. broken - then remade. That is where our hope lies (darkness or light)