Sunday, July 19, 2015


Source of soul and senses,
place of mind and heart,
so the land dispenses,
no matter if apart.

Smell of acrid eucalypt,
smoke of burning bush,
liquid crystal carolling,
magpies on the roof.

Cerulean the shining sky,
light bursts in a drench,
sunshine screams intensely;
so the day  is spread.

Creep of morning calmness,
drift of evening sighs,
so the earth stays breathing;
ancient, worn and wise.

Hiraeth is a longing for one's homeland, but it's not mere homesickness. It's an expression of the bond one feels with one's home country when one is away from it.


  1. What a delight and heart warming piece.

  2. Just perfect poem and the last lines are so touching

  3. Nice. I like how you leave it a bit ambiguous, little snippets of senses - smells, touch, taste, things we see that remind us - that call to us, from home.

  4. Actually, that's rather a sinister description of place and time of day: your choice of terms depicts a country ravaged by heat and inhospitable:
    the acrid eucalypt, the burning bush, light drenches you, sunshine screams...
    I can relate to it right now...

  5. Beautiful poem. I can imagine you missing it....very cold winter this year....nice !
    You had better get back soon for a visit before the Liberal government sells it....:)

  6. for some reason, California and its drought came to mind.

    Once when we lived in Cleveland, we came back from a month away in Wyoming at our cabin and my girls who were about ten and eight at the time said - Dad Cleveland just smells good.

    thanks for reminding me.

  7. A potpourri of sight, sound, and scent.

  8. we're in the middle of a heatwave over here in germany right now.. so i could feel every line of your poem

  9. Too often, at least for me, the memories of home/place were much more vivid than the reality of returning to a place of ghosts, strip malls, new freeways, & condo developments. But hey, your poem conveys your frustration with the bake oven wherever you are, being trumped by the memories of the past.

  10. You set the piece up so well with the title, and sent me off on a very enjoyable research trip.

  11. I can relate to each line ~ Admiring the nature's touches ~


  12. One of the very neatly handled intensities I read on Dverse today...I love it.

  13. Those last two lines say it all. Wonderful piece!

  14. A wonderful sense of pace to complement this homage to place. Very nicely done, with such an array of descriptors and images.

  15. FEELING Truth in
    Nature is never
    lying life..:)

  16. That first stanza captures the spirit of hiraeth so beautifully...I feel the nostalgia in it.