Saturday, August 23, 2014


The template set so neatly into place,
that moment of our meeting and connection,
where pattern then was laid, unconscious
and unseen, and yet, it formed in firm,
deep place the image of relationship,
which would not be changed until we took
a closer look, revealing that the shapes and
forms we had created in that beginning, did
no longer fit, and could no longer make
the design which love required, and where
the places left empty, where passion's paint
could form fresh shapes, could no longer
bring to birth the beauty that had once
been ours, so easily, as colours of our
love slipped lightly, perfectly into the
open-ness of becoming; made of our
emptiness, the patterns we desired.


  1. Ros, great idea to refer to patterns of relationships as a template. And then there are those places that just don't fit. Such a sad tone to this poem. Thanks for linking.

  2. yes, we live and love in patterns we often never inspect or realize.

  3. It is the closer look that reveals the cracks and the truth beneath the pleasing pattern. You paint a sad tale of love turned sour very well. Enjoyed this one !

  4. Yes - I think you very nearly managed it - different of course, yours - but somehow like Amy Lowell's "Patterns" - and not nearly as long - more poetic in a way.