Monday, August 18, 2014



That demimonde of Africa
where there is no grey and
no asylum where refuge can
be found, the rites given to

make pure, acceptable, that
which is rejected, the albino,
those so unlike myself, all
who see them say, except

perhaps a mother, who loves
the child and sees herself
reborn, an offering of oranges
to angry gods, who have

created this transgression of
the skin, the flesh, the image
where the blackness is denied
by pure, white, shining other,

which society will not embrace,
because the difference is too
stark, alarming and wants
only to push from sight -

that demimonde of Africa.



  1. What a compelling direction you took with the Wordle words....very thoughtful.

  2. Well Wordled: I like where the words took you.

  3. A delightful piece which really got me thinking. Excellent.

  4. The Sunday Whirl seems to have disappeared but thanks to its Facebook page I’ve found this weeks’ words. As a temporary measure I’ve put them up on my site along with a Mister Linky thingy-dingy should you wish to participate. It’s all at
    Spread the word brothers and sisters!