Wednesday, August 13, 2014



It is the honey-sweetness of your skin,
redolent with almonds and of you,
which lingers with me always, singing
in the silence  and the noise, reminding
me that absence is always an illusion.


Your eyelash settled on dusted cheek
and rose and fell in silent sigh,
as breath and beat held sleeping court
and skin surrendered to the sheets,
with whispered tones of almond and honey.
I watched, held court, with time’s assent,
that rise and fall of chest and belly,
in wonder at the touch and feel
of Eros spreading wings in life.
You slept, not seeing what I saw,
nor hearing gentled tones of sound,
which sleep allowed escape and cause;
reminded me of what I had.
The dawn had given form to shape,
had filled the vision lastly felt,
and drawn my eyes to deeper truths,
which lay in languorous, light salute.
And in that moment, you were mine,
in all that life could offer up;
a holding fast to absolutes –


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful rhythm, rhyme, assonance and so full of love. Thank you!

  2. I like the way you convey intimacy through this scene, Roslyn, the use of sight, smell and memory.

  3. your last couple lines made me smile in their truth...
    def a nice lulling rhythm to this piece as well

  4. absence is always an illusion - Love this line and really makes you feel the longing in the poem. Great work.

  5. I could read that again and again. Sweet.

  6. How incredibly lovely ... my grandmother wore a lotion that smelled of almonds. When she hugged me I breathed that wonderful fragrance in .. deeply.

  7. Wonderful rhythm. Wonderful evocative descriptions of all the senses taking in decadent pleasure

  8. Lovely. Thanks for posting this.

  9. Delightful poem, gentle and subtly erotic, but even more so full of love.