Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Words of fire

Words of fire
flung dragon breath,
searing through
 the type, reducing
 all to ashes now -
demanding dreams
take flight, soaring
far on blackened
wings, scattered
pages lost, revealing
in epiphany the
gift such flames


  1. Powerful image and words - almost, one might say, words of fire! This reminds me of Savonarola, whose words were like hail and brimstone (at least for a while).

  2. Now that is a good story come to life.

  3. A powerful imagery of words of fire ~ I love it ~

  4. Burn it all and start again..reminds me when the Google Algorithm took a way two of my blogs as it identified my poetic word play as heart dropped for a second..but then encouragement came even i knew this fire would only lead to a freer bird of creativity..for me..but i found a human..and got my blogs computer will ever replace the human even humans can lose that..:)

  5. Such words.. burning burning.. I think that's how I want my poetry to be.. but often it's just limp

  6. ah...words of fire! What more could any writer hope to achieve?

  7. Interesting write! The picture and write are in sync. What is the epiphany?