Thursday, October 31, 2013

Small steps on a publishing path... very small steps, but, steps all the same

I have had a few poetry submissions accepted in the past 18 months, mainly because now, with online submission, it is actually possible to submit from the wilds of Africa and elsewhere. Or maybe I am just a bit lazy and it is so much easier than hard copy and post office which I dabbled with years ago, whenever I found myself back in the First World where one could post something in the first place with some expectation it might reach a destination.

The latest is in Poetry Nook. I have work in about a dozen anthologies and journals now which isn't much in the scheme of things as a writer, but better than the proverbial 'kick in the teeth' as they say.

Poetry has become something of a booming field with the internet and there is no doubt that the opportunities have increased.

It's nice to have something to put in the bookshelf. The next step, when I am back in Oz in a couple of years is to self-publish the six or seven novels, one non-fiction, three family ancestry books, and maybe the grand-children can flick through them in years to come and say: 'That's what nan did!'

My kids, Damon Ross-Walker and Morgan Ewart might even read some of my work!

My life as a creative writer did not begin until they were grown up, and in between moves around the world there was actually time.

In the meantime, there is nothing like seeing something on a printed page.

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