Sunday, October 20, 2013


Dance of cloud demanding,
racing through the sky,
holding hands and laughing;
never knowing why.

Trip the light fantastic,
shapes are formed for fun,
drifting through the heavens;
magic does become.

See the kneeling elephant,
and the dragons set,
holding hands and laughing;
when they have just met.

Made in magic moulding,
monkeys form and fade,
unicorns are racing;
sunset draws the shade.

Dverse- poem for children.


  1. ha. and dang that sunset for drawing the curtain before its time...cant we stay out just a bit more mum...we were having so much fun....smiles. love all your animals...and def dragons....

  2. indeed.. those unicorns racing... just enough for bed.

  3. Roslyn, this is a delight. It has a perfect rhyme and rhythm and those great flights of imagination. I think I'd like to ride a unicorn.

  4. loved this scene with all the animals dancing and racing across the sky - wonderful - K