Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Separation drags us from connected place,
within, without, and stands us cold alone,
so does opportunity make unexpected claim;
observe, reflect and see your shape true born.

It's only beyond shadow that the edges clear,
that form is thus defined without confusion,
and there we can perceive and know revealed,
the truth of who we are without persuasion.

Pain does hold the pen and draw the shape,
so sharply and meticulous defined,
displays in stark relief, the soul and self;
alone, distinct, abandoned and refined.

For those who do dismiss and cast aside,
are teachers on the path to inner growth,
and force our stand in isolation's glare,
that we may have the strength to stand alone.

It's when we know and trust our own true form,
that we can make our way back to the fold,
restore connection as our full potential;
be present, not consumed; our boundaries hold.

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