Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The dream in staggered haunting
reveals the image set,
repeats the message yet again,
of something lost ... but what?

It comes to taunt and teach me
of memory now tossed;
of time tied to forgetting
a pain of ancient cost.

Remembering is tangled
and broken through the nights,
of something which has happened,
yet hides in shadowed fright.

This loss is ever lingering,
a trailing through the years
of something dark and awful,
in shroud of unshed tears.

It's lost, it has no presence
in real words, or thought or form
and yet it wraps my world of dreams
in torn, tormented cause.


  1. those things/people that we have lost come back when we least expect it...
    sneaks in and def wraps the world...and colors the way we see it....

  2. You have for me really captured the essence of a repeating nightmare. I feel it with your words... I used to have a few at one point, but thankfully they left me. Now I remember no dreams at all...but do know dreamland can be a scary place.

  3. Wow.. what a great dark ballad... and isn't it always the day that comes back to haunt us (distorted and amplified)... loved it

  4. Am I wrong (could be) shouldn't that be an "is" instead of "in" in Line 1?
    Think so because of parallels in other verses. Nevertheless loved the poem I like the way you insinuate the night, the nightmares, the imprinted fear of night over the light of day. Well done.

    1. Thanks for your comment but no, it is 'in' because the dream moves 'in' staggered haunting.

  5. So dark and haunting, yet melodic. You weaved with words there...

  6. Thanks everyone for posting thoughts.

  7. Very haunting, and very real. Those dreams that you can never quite get to that which you seek. So difficult.