Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Picasso’s “Lobster & Cat”

In madness made apparent,
the lobster rose and drew,
sharp claws of bleak aggression;
the cat recoiled in fear.

From crusted oceanic depths,
the creature had emerged,
to taunt the feline natures;
to haunt the broken earth.

In stricken, furred impressions,
the animal was turned,
from soft and somnolescent;
to horrors full disturbed.

The image true collected,
in retinal address,
made synchronistic telling
of what had been repressed.


  1. Margo, this is a winner. I adore the wordplay.
    I think a lobster must be one of the two things that scare a cat - the other is a vacuum cleaner.

  2. Ros, this is such fun. I am enjoying the final stanza in particular.

  3. Thanks Viv and Margo.... it just flowed out. But with such a graphic image that is not surprising.....