Monday, April 15, 2013

Dawn at Uluru

Sun sent forth a tongue of light
to lick the sullen face,
of ancient rock and blood-red earth;
to bring a re-born grace.

Salivating silence searched
through dew-dust on the ground,
those hidden tears of darkness;
the source of life profound.

And when the dawn drew in its breath,
and sighed upon the land,
the vision raw and somnolent,
displayed the day's new plan.

Poets & Writers has a geographical prompt today: Find a map—of the Earth, the United States, or your home state or city—or visit Google Maps, pick a town at random, and write a poem about daybreak in that specific location, inventing any pertinent details.

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  1. I would think, if one likes poems of the land, that Australia would prove addictive.