Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's a funny thing about tears

It's a funny thing about tears -
they have a way of just appearing.

But so much passion
pulls them forth, well-racked
and tortured still;
like drowning souls they fight
for life and grip my body well.
What called them out,
or was it who and where have
they been hid? But questions
too are washed away
by this tumultuous flood.

It's a funny thing about tears-
they have a way of just disappearing.


  1. nice...interesting sandwich you have made of your words...nice repetition...tears at times are necessary and in letting them go, perhaps we let the why go as well...

  2. Tears and laughter - the mysterious human qualities. Wordless releases. :) I really like this exploration. Love the structure, the beginning and ending seemingly complete a circle. :)

  3. Yes, one wonders where they all come from, a river..or.. why sometimes we can't even force them out for release. Nice.

  4. So descriptive, true and innocent...tears are very innocent in your poem. Cool.