Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Wrath of psyche once betrayed
will drive tumultuous cause,
and fling the key of sanity
upon the rotten shore.
Reason in sure swelling
will scramble to  be bold
as hope now flees the darkness;
insanity takes hold.
In measured movement upbeat,
the toll of terror harms
and mind seeks to enable
while heart does try to charm.
But depths of nature won't be tamed,
until the price is paid,
and good account made to the Soul;
the gift of truth well laid.

Today's Wordle from Brenda gives us the words wrath, tumultuous, scramble, flees, shore, key, swelling, upbeat, depths, enable, rotten, charm

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  1. One man's truth is another's lies. Well maybe that just applies to interpretation - as there are perhaps clear definitions of good and bad.

    I added to my story here: