Monday, November 12, 2012

Just wait until your father gets home

Just wait until your father gets home!
She said it so often and always
it filled us with fear. We begged
her not to tell, but she always did.
We knew which beltings were just
and which were not and our
forgiveness always required justice.
It wasn't his fault. She was weak,
like many women of her time,
and she made him the ogre, the
demon of our lives; locking him
away from us. He had a bad temper
and she knew that, but she also
liked, using him, as the punisher.
We probably hated her more
for her weakness, than we did
for the pain that he inflicted because,
we could see, he also suffered
because she was weak.
Children always know what is fair,
what is right, what is just. Adults
always forget, or perhaps, have it
beaten out of them.

1 comment:

  1. Yes indeedy...been there done that. Though they weren't all that frequent. As you say children know. And adults forget. But perhaps a few of us remember, time changes things. Though some things too slowly.I personally think few homes were like the fictional 'Leave it to Beaver' family.