Friday, May 23, 2014


Life  does often seek to manage mind,
where sanity demands another face,
and reason edits out discordant sound;
so is the heart embraced in mental vice.

Reality  becomes a ghastly, raging foe,
where thoughts fill  narrow ranks as demons,
defies the bounds of what we want to know;
hope on salted ground is surely leavened.

Insanity can hold the upper stony ground,
and mock from echoed distance all we are,
so do the angels hold out waiting hand;
salvation shines although its touch is rare.

Slant does twist the world of outer truth,
invokes that dance polarity to then ensure,
a mirror which reflects what is, as both;
in opposites,  all then revealed as pure.


  1. Your poem dances on that edge of who we fear we are and who we believe we must appear to be--all difficult. very well done. k.

  2. yes that tug of war between slant and straight...appearance and reality..beautifully written

  3. I am having trouble grasping slant -
    and I read this and it seems so obvious
    the strength of these words is in how
    effortlessly they seem to flow.

  4. This is so well done, I enjoyed reading it a number of times.