Saturday, May 31, 2014


Mind did make uncertainty within the image found,
as retina detected, connected forms  profound,
and roiled in raddled groping the world outside, beyond
in drip of paint perfected; there was no solid ground.

In shadowed shape dissecting the brush was absolute,
vision rolled ungainly, stripped the older proof,
and in the shifting moments revealed another view;
eye surrendered gracefully, endorsed a greater truth.

This week’s prompt is a image prompt featuring “San Antonio Riverwalk #1″, an art piece by our Issue 2 cover artist, Angela (Alex) Weddle.


  1. There's a lulling rhythm and then seems to lead to the eye's surrender, a fine last line.

  2. Beautiful last line. Surrendering the eyes is a devine way to experience art.

  3. Divine...wish we could edit.