Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Drought and fire

Mallee seared in distance,
horse made sullen steps,
day hung hot and brutal;
cattle lost and spread. 

The rider drawn as image,
dark, leathered skin not seen,
arm high to shade his vision;
a world devoid of green.

In snap and drying rustle,
twig, branch and lifeless scrub,
movement in a song of death;
drought did slowly suck.

Heat held shimmered court,
beat of rising day,
where crucible confronted;
mortality displayed.

Inhaling slow and steady,
inferno's raging breath,
bush and man became as one;
nothing else was left.



  1. Impressive! I can feel the searing heat in this poem. Some very nice lines such as "heat held shimmered court." Glad to see you at Poetry Jam!

  2. So vivid... enjoyed it immensely!

  3. Now that is HOT! I know heat, drought and fire are a big part of Australian weather. Stay cool.

  4. Such visuals. Powerful words and imagery.