Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Minutes measured, meaningless, mournful in repose,
scattered yet sequential; lined in shadowed rows,
holding on to memory, fastened tight to hope;
rejoicing in insanity; sucking horror's toes.

Caul holds captive through the days and years,
wrapping close, substantive web of fears,
trapping taut the form of grappling mind;
dribbling sorrow's milk as fate defined. 

Eyes of glass are hidden in the realm of thought,
sightless, seeing, rigid and distraught,
blinking icy screams through day and night;
madness twists frayed ribbon round hell's light.


  1. dang...yes, that is surely see but not...the twisting of the ribbon in the end...i can feel its tightness...

  2. Beautifully penned, I felt the madness throughout the piece, captured well with your words.

  3. The structure of this poem makes it easy to understand what you're saying, & you have quite the message. Well done.

  4. The madness you have described in this poem is palpable. The 'binking icy screams' make me quake in fear!!

  5. Madness seen from the inside...the madness we all fear. Mad and lovely poem.

  6. Very well done. I love the staccato in this piece. Carrying over the alliteration from the first couple of lines would have made it just that more wonderful (although, I am a sucker for alliteration, so maybe that's just a personal thing). :-)

  7. The cadence in this this lends well to the theme. Love that "sucking horror's toes." --wow.

  8. Oh I love the way you laid out the poem. The alliteration to emphasize the rhythm and that end. Very good indeed.

  9. Magnificently mad, and frightful. I had to look up "caul"'s a tight fit. Kudos!

  10. Madness and maddening! The last stanza is simply terrifying.