Sunday, November 3, 2013


Refracted light reveals itself,
in bright and brilliant dance,
upon the mirrored eye and mind;
molecular as chance.

Through vivid, deep imaginings,
in shrill and purpled call,
drowning waves of shimmered blue;
huddled greens do fall.

Scarlet screaming, raging reds,
yellowed wash revealed,
orange laughing at the edge;
pink in pouting seal.

Browns in sullen, surried roll,
grey in distant rise,
white complete and purely born;
black, where all's denied.

Creation's song and signature,
is colour in all forms,
the magic touch of sacred brush;
where beauty is true-born.


  1. ah - nice how you bring that color dance alive in your rhymes and rhythm.. a dance in itself...nice..

  2. nice...particularly like that last stanza....creations song being color...the sacred brush is by far the most artistic i know....smiles.

  3. Lovely ... I enjoyed the rhymes, so gentle & soothing ... and colorful. Well done :)

  4. a festival of fall colors brought to life in your poem...I like the pink pouting and huddled greens ;)

  5. Plush and lush use of language. I loved "browns in sullen, surried roll." The poet here has the "magic touch of sacred brush"!

  6. very nice, I liked how you kept the rhyme scheme, but didn't let it get sing/songy