Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Darkness breathes in voice which night has choked,
whispered words where silence sucks at strength,
denied the depth and substance of the dreaming day;
stretched out across the hours as evening dress.

In collared tightness does time hold the throat of reason,
where vision cannot brief the roaming mind,
and spectral shapes emerge and disappear;
that place between the worlds where mystery hides.

To see beyond the blind eyes of belief and thought,
move further from the mere material known,
does raise the senses to embrace pure meaning;
eternity connected, where all can now be shown.


  1. nice...really cool alliteration in this one ros...the first line has a nice hook to it that pulled me in and let the allit do its work....time holding the throat of reason was a great line for me...

  2. In collared tightness does time hold the throat of fav part...really cool images in this roslyn

  3. Sadly most of us just pull out head in, slot into routine and scuttle through life as quickly as we can.