Thursday, August 30, 2012


You have to give it to them,
the hands are tools sublime,
both givers and receivers;
a gift of grace divine.
They hold and heal and help,
they take and give and soothe,
and offer up in friendship,
to make a bargain true.
In proof, or prayer or pleading,
in love, in hate, in song,
they are the means of being;
of acting in this world.


  1. Means of being and acting in this world, indeed. This is share so much with so few words, and create visuals of so many phenomena. This could almost be accompanied by one of those sign language posters/diagrams! Nicely done.

  2. Your hands have shaped this piece with loving care and awareness. It reads like a soft chant or meditation,


  3. Thought I'd try and make the rounds here before tomorrow...
    Your hands remind me of those who use them only to speak. Because in there silence, they in fact say so very much...

    my verse for this prompt: